Ep.06 | Karrie Pittman | Freelance Graphic Designer

After working as an Office Manager for twelve years, Kerri was not sure how her age, previous work experience, and semi-rural location would affect her chances of employment within the creative design industry. In 2016, Kerri obtained a degree in Media Communications. She then focused on networking (online and in-person), and became very successful at it. “…I am so thrilled that things keep moving right along. 18 new clients in 10 months is not a shabby number…I count my blessings EVERY day!!!

Ep.05 | Chris Krimitsos | Speaker, Consultant, Producer

Chris is the founder of PME. PME is an event that attracts content creators from around the world to attend and share their expertise while learning from the best educators in the field of podcasting, YouTube, blogging, live streaming, and more. It's where that community merges their thoughts, hopes, ideas, and dreams. Whether Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced, this event sees independents and change makers of all shapes, sizes, colors, interest groups, and locales unite!

Website: podfestexpo.com